Sunday, December 4, 2011

Watchwoman Eclypse Unleashes Her Absolute Magnitude On The World This November

Female group member of the Wu Watchmen, Eclypse, releases her long-awaited solo debut album on 11-11-11.
Eclypse of the Watchmen
The membership of Eclypse in the Wu-Tang Affiliated group, Watchmen, has been a subject of speculation by fans worldwide.  Only making a few solid appearances on the group’s critically acclaimed Wu-Tang Management Presents: Watchmen double LP last year, Eclypse was mistaken by many as simply a featured solo artist.  Upon the release of the group’s previously backlogged demo and the group’s true debut album, Power, it became evident that Eclypse has been a part of the Watchmen history from the group’s conception.
The lone female in a 5 man hip hop group, Eclypse’s position and ability to hold her own within the male dominated team has been questioned by some since the group’s appearance late in 2010.  She is determined to set the record straight and prove her dedication to the salvation of real hip hop music with her solo release, Absolute Magnitude. The album was released worldwide on November 11, 2011 and is already receiving notable attention by fans of the Wu-Tang affiliated group.  Eclypse has functioned as the VP of the group’s Platinum City Entertainment record label and has executively produced her own solo project. 
Features on Eclypse’s Absolute Magnitude include Watchmen members BlackMask, 7th 7ign, Prox, and Grone Da Radikal as well as Brooklyn Zu’s own phenom Rain the Quiet Storm, and up and coming artists Ladi G and Metaphoria.  Hellkeydoe’s DLAH also makes an appearance on the album with the in your face single, “Executive Decision.”  The album takes hip hop back to the basics with the old school feel infused with R&B hooks, accenting Eclypse’s multi-talented ability.  She also includes some of her own production in tracks such as “Worthless” which has an Island flavor to it.  “I wanted to show people who Eclypse is as an artist – with or without the Watchmen” says Eclypse of her new release.
This trailblazer is definitely prepared to show the world her own Absolute Magnitude with an album where she proves her abilities as a writer, producer, emcee, and singer. “In a day when true hip hop is a dying breed, I’m dedicated to give the fans an album that stays true to the original essence of what we all fell in love with about hip hop – the realness.”
Eclypse has gone on to found her own indie record label – E.T.C. (Eclypse The Competition) Entertainment.  She has plans to release new talents as well as an all-female compilation, appropriately titled Eclypse Presents: La Femme Fatale early in 2012. Although in the early stages, the project already has a roster of 12 of the hottest underground female emcees in the game today. 
As far as the solo album is concerned, Eclypse is working on upcoming tour dates and has plans to release numerous upcoming videos to be aired on MTV2, BET, and Music Choice in the near future.  “This is my life’s work, I’m in it for life” Eclypse speaks of her latest endeavours. If the present serves as any indication, something tells us there is plenty more on the horizon for Eclypse.

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